Thursday, April 28, 2011

whimsical wednesday, thank YOU!

...thank you for everything…this is for you…
I just want to thank YOU, and can't tell YOU how much YOU 
touch my heart.  
I wish i could list you by name and thank you for your support, sending me notes and emails and for leaving comments on my blog and Facebook.  It encourages me on a daily basis. 

…you are my inspiration….it's my hope that my little artworks make you smile, touch your heart and stir your soul.  Thank you for letting me know that it moves you. 

…this is joy….How lucky i am, blessed to live in the joy of my creativity and to know and accept that my art is my vocation.  This lifestyle looks really great and dreamy, but it has it's challenges, like anything else.  But, i can't imagine myself being anything other than an artist.  I joyfully embrace what i was born to be and hope, in your beautiful life, you can too.
In my life i have such great joy….thankful for YOU and all the opportunities that support my life journey.

Right at this moment, NOW is just enough………creating, painting, lettering, journaling, teaching, inking, writing, researching, learning and sharing.  It's so good.  Thank you for appreciating what i put out in the universe!

…doing life artfully…. I'll always be making new artsy things with my abundant colorful tools.  I hope i can inspire you to even color a little!  Paint, ink, get messy and play.  Try new things and experiment with new ways of making your art and expressing your creative spirit.

 …Love you for making my colorful world joyful and bright.  I thank you by your name, so thank you ____(insert your beautiful name here)________, for everything!

A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works 
with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST.
 St. Francis of Assisi


  1. That is beautiful as is your artwork. You never cease to amaze me. Love, love, love it.
    Wish one day that maybe you'd consider doing an online class for those of us who can't make it to your live classes. This would be awesome <3
    Your fan for life.

  2. Wonderful post, very uplifting! Great job, Joanne.

  3. Love all these beautiful illustrations. You are so talented.
    Always enjoy visiting your blog. :]

  4. What a wonderful testament...I think you inspire more people than you've given me permission to color again!

  5. You're welcome. (wink) I think I'm your biggest fan evah. can't wait to get my piece of art... I check my mailbox every day...

  6. This is such a sweet post. So colorful and thankful. Love it!!!

  7. AW you are so sweet for such a wonderful post. I LOVED your article in CPS mag. You did such a great job!!!!!! Congratulations!!

  8. You are a motivation speaker to the creative world! Visually and verbally, so up lifting and filled with Joy! thanks for being you.

  9. There just are not enough words for what is in my heart. I love you dear friend and you inspire me not only thru your art, but thru your living.

  10. You go girl....I am so inspired by you as are sooooo very talented !! CAn not wait to hang and play again !!! Kelly

  11. it is US who thank YOU, sweet inspiring artist, for sharing your gifts! joy is contagious.....thank you for putting it out there in cyberspace!! LOVED your article in cloth, paper, scissors......congratulations!! xox

  12. These are all so very beautiful! You have inspired me, now I need to NOT compare... so hard because your art is so wonderful!

  13. These are both wonderful and very inspiring! At my age, no matter how busy, I make it a point to write letters and make beautiful cards for the special people in my life. I think it’s more sincere and special when you make something with your own two hands and when you dedicate some of your precious time to doing it. It’s not easy to be creative, just follow your heart and let it guide your hands.

    -Yolande Tiller