Sunday, November 14, 2010

moving on BLOGGER!

Welcome to my new home in Blogville!  Moved my blog from Typepad to Blogger here, woo hoo!!!  I was having such a hard time with Typepad trying to make my thoughts and creativity come to life on the page.  The great thing is that i was able to completely export and import my whole Typepad blog to this one, and i never lost any of the content.  Oh, and Blogger is FREE!

Now let's talk some art!! This is for who takes the time to come and visit my blog.  YOU really are my inspiration here to create something that will touch your soul a little, make you smile a little, or learn something new.  I'm already loving how easy Blogger is, see you soon!  Make sure you bookmark and follow, so i can keep you in the artsy loop.



  1. whoo hooo'll love blogger!!

  2. Hi Jo! Thanks for the info as I have been deciding which one to use (and have been leaning toward Blogger). Guess Typepad's off that list!!
    Looking forward to reading your whimsical news!

  3. welcome to glad to have you in our cyberspace neighborhood!! i love your whimsical doodles....really making me smile!!! hope you have a great week ahead!! :))))

  4. your art makes me is so happy,beautiful,awe inspiring,amazing,
    I am such a fan of your art, and you're
    not so bad yourself...*wink*

    xx Rena
    happy to see your blog!!

  5. Joanne, I have been contemplating giving up on typepad altogether. LOVE your new digs here and your vibrant, happy artwork. So gotta treat myself to a set of copic markers...maybe Santa

    I'll update your blog addie on mine

  6. Welcome to the Artist Blog Hop! If you have any questions please contact me as I moderate it.
    Hugs and blessings!