Tuesday, August 31, 2010

on a blog roll

Yes, on a roll, bloggin' like a champ!

 I'm liking the look back on my "Summer Series" art journals.  Here is a page spread in its beginning stages earlier this summer on my studio floor, .ArtPSflight7

The facing pages are painted with my signature colorful layers of Golden Fluid Acrylics, then loosely outlined with white paint brushed outlines.


Soon the painted pages to come to life with doodles, dots, outlines, inspirations.  It's full of all the elements i love and overdo, that i sprawl across every page.  It's okay. I like this series full of experiments, it's loose, messy, busy and vibrant.  It apparently is the summer of the white paint pen! Drawing details and lettering are created using the fine and medium tips.


and, i'm ready for my closeup.....let your soul take flight!!



  1. Okay, I can't remember and I'm sure you posted it before- what white paint pen do you use. My white pens just don't look that good!! I couldn't even dream of writing "take flight" that wide and have it look that good with what I am using. You are rockin' it!!!

  2. Joanne, your art journal pages are fabulous! I love the colors.
    Thanks for the link on your blog. I am adding you to mine as well!

  3. where did u go????? i miss ur posts and inspriations...

  4. Check it out Kelly, just for you!! xoxxoox