Saturday, April 23, 2011

it's "in the NUMBERS"

Well, my art will "BE" the numbers!  Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, i will be featured on the Create Mixed Media website in the "The Week As Art" section for an entire week.  The hosts ask artists to illustrate calendar numbers on their page, and it links right back to the artists website for seven days.  

Create Mixed Media is an interactive website from the book publisher North Light Craft/ F+W Media.  It's such an enjoyable site, showcasing everything exciting and relevant in the mixed media art world.  There are technique blogs, book reviews and art product promotions, artist interviews and more.  A great site to find inspiration and the courage to create your heart out.  Go visit!

What an honor to be featured.  Thank you Create Mixed Media! 


  1. Oh, how cool is that???? Congrats!

  2. That's wonderful! Well-deserved recognition!

  3. I looked for your article...couldn't find it! Could you post a direct link for us?