Friday, January 2, 2015


Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year filled with love and laughter!
Paint, letter, collage and doodle your life in 2015....

We've just started our Artfully Inspired journaling class and this is the buzzzzz...... After the first lesson MARY Z. SAID: "Hello Joanne and everyone! I have already connected deeply with Artfully Inspired Life 2015!! It fits completely into what I had planned for this year and where I wanted to take life and has come at a perfect time. I love the calm of the videos Joanne and you have created a sense that it is completely doable so I am not intimidated Happy to be here!" 

So come as you are, register at this link to create your artful life 2015!


  1. All these are incredible creations! I love the way you presented these creations here on the blog. I am thinking to rent a space for an event in Florida. I would be organizing an art event for my secondary school students.

  2. Your art is so joyful Joanne.I am having my own epiphany here!! I have freed up enormously! What I have been waiting for!

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