If you're wondering about Joanne Sharpe's online classes
(with the forever access) 
here's what they're saying….

-This is one of the best classes I've ever taken, online or otherwise! Joanne was organized and knew what she wanted us to learn each day and she showed us how to have fun making art. Her gentle encouragement made us all successful no matter where we were skill-wise. CHERYL G.

-I loved, loved, loved this class! I cannot believe all of the stuff that Joanne taught us. Her style of teaching and positive attitude made this the best online class I have ever taken. I looked forward to each new day anticipating what the lesson could be. I am absolutely Letter Loved!! SUSAN S.

-Joanne has a way of presenting materials in Letter Love 101 that makes it easy for anyone at any level to partake - and HAVE FUN! I found her style loose and free - and her gentle encouragement and positive attitude made this class a treat. Do it. You will love it. GIGI B.
-I loved the short, do-able, daily lessons. Joanne has a wicked sense of humor but is a very gentle teacher who models self-acceptance for her students. NANCY W.

‎-"Pure enjoyment, great value, amazing fun, no pressure, purely addictive - in my top 5 ever online classes, simple really!" ♥ PIPPA G.

-Joanne's class reminded me of how passionate I am about the art of lettering. Her class was well thought out, very user friendly and very affordable. I love her teaching style and found every class to be inspirational. Joanne is a wonderful artist and I loved class so much I'm already signed up for her next one. CATHY D.

-I signed up for a lettering class from someone i have been in awe of for a VERY long time. What I got was one of the best classes I have ever taken, inspiration from, not only the teacher, but hundreds of others around the world, new friends and not a lot of sleep because I was so excited about the next days lesson and homework! KELLY R.
...full of yummy awesomeness!!!! KIMBERLY S.

-Joanne's teaching, inspiration and support has helped me take my art to a new level. BEA A.

-Remember how you felt the first time you finger painted? Well, this class is like Kindergarten for grown-ups!! Creative, playful, messy fun! And Joanne is THE BEST!!!!!! DEONA P.

-Letter Love is a wonderful resource--like a lettering book with lots of extras. I'm only part of the way through it but I'm loving every lesson. I love that I can go back and redo old lessons and begin new ones at my own pace. I feel good about what I have learned. Joanne is so very "real" in her videos and such a professional artist. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to try this class. kitty n

-Exciting , creative fun and complete total therapy! Joanne's class is like no other I highly recommend it…..BEVERLY D.

-I looked forward to getting up early every morning to see what the assignment was for the day and this class is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Joanne is fantastic!!!  LEANN P.

-Joanne is so very generous and giving with her knowledge! She is encouraging and her enthusiasm for art is so intoxicating that you can't wait to return each day for the next class! I can't wait for the next class to begin! :)  COLLEEN L.

-This class was so enjoyable. Joanne presented so much information. She gave us the opportunity to explore different styles and media in creating our Letter Loved Journal. Terrific class and well worth the money. I'm already signed up for her next class in April.  LINDA G.

-This class was so enjoyable. Joanne presented so much information. She gave us the opportunity to explore different styles and media in creating our Letter Loved Journal. Terrific class and well worth the money. I'm already signed up for her next class in April.  IVEY F.

-Joanne BRILLIANTLY tapped into each person's own magic. She was able to lead us along a path of self discovery by giving us little hints of her own style but never enough to make any of us plagiarizers. You will not come away a "Mini Joanne", but you will find that you have your own voice, it just needs to be nurtured and exercised. Yes, you will learn new skills and techniques, and discover new tools, but, more importantly, you will discover that YOU can do it too! I am genuinely in AW of Joanne's teaching techniques. She's a MASTER! THANK YOU Joanne Sharpe!  NANCY B.

-Like i said earlier...this is the class i have waited for...everything i have dreamed of learning about lettering and the supplies needed is in this class. i didn't get in at the beginning so i love that i can go at my own pace and no pressure!!!  LESLIE V.

-Joanne has brought together the most delightful artistic creative souls and is able to teach each and every one of us the power in using pens.  LAURIE M.

-This class was the most fun I've had in a month since I don't know when. I couldn't wait to see what the next lesson was. It was like Christmas every day for a month. I learned so much that I will use over and over by following Joanne's awesome teaching techniques. I can't wait for the next class. I want Christmas all year long!  CINDY R.

-Letter Love is an amazing journey thru lettering and learning about and how to use all of those pens and markers you have been collecting. Joanne leads you thru this with 29 work at your own pace classes that include pdfs, techniques and videos that make you feel like you are sitting in Joanne's studio having a one on one with Joanne herself. This is truly a class of self discovery and not a do as I do sort of thing. I had so much fun the first time around I started over and have been working my way thru the class for a second time picking up even more tips and tricks that I didn't catch the first time. This is a must take class for anyone who has a love of letters. You will definitely be LETTER LOVED!  JULI E.

-Joanne gave so very much information - more than you could hope to expect. The lessons were clear, concise and fun. Thanks, Joanne! CINDY S-E.

-I was hesitant about my lettering ability, but Joanne's "Letter Love 101" class was all I hoped it would be --relaxed, friendly, with the opportunity and encouragement to jump in and try new things. It was also a therapeutic way for me to de-stress from work each day in a most enjoyable way!  REBECCA B.

There are a lot of art journaling classes out there, that are project based. Joanne's class was based more on techniques, tools, and exploration- enabling people to spread their wings and develop their own style. It was brilliant.   ANDY M.

-Letter love was amazing! 29 lessons and each one taught us a technique that sparked our creativity and interest in writing lovely, cool, jazzy and quirky letters! I plan to revisit the lessons over and over again .... Wonderful art fun and I would recommend it to anyone interested in making arty letters! Joanne has done us a very generous favor by putting together a couse that is so rich in content! I hope she will put together many more classes 
because I will sign up for all of them! JANE S.

-This was the best on-line class I have ever taken. Incredible value, with so much information and inspiration packed into one low price (and 'forever' access too!). Add the networking and feedback and 
it is truly priceless! LINDA K.

Joanne is definitely the Queen of Letters and Inspiration! Letter Love 101 provided fabulous instruction by Joanne everyday with techniques that SHE uses in HER artwork. Just look at her blog!! She also created a Flicker group and a Letter Love facebook page for everyone to post their work, which resulted in the most amazing support group of like-minded women enjoying the assignments together, as well as learning from each other. I am excited about Joanne's next class in April and beyond!  GAIL L.

This is an area I had little exposure and talent in. The self pacing classes, encouragement & support, and excellent lessons are making me better and better each time I practice. The facebook group helped to inspire me and have a feeling of community.I looked forward to coming home from work and relax by viewing all the posts and art from the day. All levels of expertise were showcased and all were welcomed. It was a fantastic course and the fact that it is forever access is icing on the cake... I will definitely enroll in any other classes Joanne offered.  MARYANN M.

Letter Love 101 with Joanne Sharpe: $35, Lessons Learned & Fun Had: Priceless! ANNETTE M.

I accidently ran across Joanne's Letter Love class. What a HAPPY ACCIDENT!!! She makes you feel that she is right there with you every step of the way and gives you great confidence to try things you never thought of doing...and succeeding!!! MARGARETTE M.

For 40+ years I've felt I could copy anyone's work. I never thought I was creative because I never knew where MY creativity was. Thank you, Joanne, for finding what I thought did not exist!!  LUCY S-H.

Letter Love is one of the few classes where you actually learn new techniques that you can use in your artwork. You learn the techniques and make them yours! I love it!  SHERRI F.


  1. Wow!  I had such a ball in Letter Love 101 class!  Joanne taught us so much it was just amazing.  She is an excellent, inspirational teacher, and this may be the best designed course I've ever taken. I played joyfully with pens and supplies I already had and didn't know half of their potential! (and ordered more :) )

    I finished assembling a cool book full of my own hand-decorated papers. And I'm now confident I can add fun and beautiful lettering to my beloved journal pages! --Pam Osburn.

  2. I paid for the Lettering 101 class but have forgotten all my log in info and never finished the class. How do I reset the class and start over?